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For legal and ethical reasons, it is necessary to include the following information.  Use of EFT or any other energy modalities, audios, videos, ebooks, or written materials either here on this website or linked within signifies that you have read and understood this disclaimer, and have agreed to be completely bound by its terms.

You must be 18 years or older to use this information.  By using these materials you agree to hold Kim Eisen, Shortcut to Success, Spirit Healing Power, Harmonic Abundance, Gary Craig (and any of their heirs) harmless of any adverse reactions from using any of these materials, techniques, audios, and videos that may be experienced by you or anyone with whom you share these techniques.  You are agreeing that neither you nor anyone on your behalf will seek to take any action against Kim Eisen, Shortcut to Success or Spirit Healing Power, any affiliates or sub-entities thereof, legal or otherwise and use the above at your own risk.  You likewise agree to take 100% responsibility for yourself and for anyone you allow to listen, read or do the above and should inform them that they are doing so at their own risk.

Shortcut to Success.com is intended as an educational site and all the items here within or linked are offered for information and entertainment only, and, should NOT be considered as medical or psychological testing, assessment, diagnosis or treatment.  Use of this information does not imply any form of therapist-client relationship.

These techniques have been useful to me personally and the many others I have shared them with and I have never seen an adverse reaction in facilitating, witnessing and participating in them countless times.  It may bring up tears during the transitioning state from pain to a place of relief.   Any uncomfortableness I have experienced with others has been the bringing to the conscious state unresolved spiritual or emotional issues.  Any adverse reaction might suggest that there is an issue to work on with a trained professional.  It is up to you to decide whether it is safe for you to use these techniques, and, if in doubt, please consult a licensed professional.


Kim blends her business acumen of successful sales and marketing with EFT to help entrepreneurs grow their business while removing fears and doubts along the way so they get faster results than if doing it by themselves.  Since each individual is unique, there can be no guarantees as to how it will work for anyone specifically.  Any testimonials on this website are from individuals who were NOT paid for their endorsements and their results are personal.  It does not guarantee individual or typical results.

Kim Eisen is not a licensed health care professional and offers, CCR, EFT, spiritual guidance/healings, energy modalities and any other instruction or training as a Success Mentor, Spiritual Life Guidance Coach, Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Practitioner, and ordained minister.  Kim Eisen has been in practice since 1999 and has hundreds of hours of training in stated and related energy therapy modalities.  This training along with Kim's intuitive and healing abilities has lead to her creative and personal style of coaching.

All items herewithin, are offered as is, and all sales are final.  This website and all its' offerings may be altered at any time at our discretion, without prior notice.  While online access to these products is intended to be ongoing, it can only be guaranteed at the time of purchase.  If you have any complaints or experience technical difficulties please contact me at kim@ShortcuttoSuccess.com  or (612) 802-HEAL (4325).  If a technical difficulty cannot be resolved, compensation not in excess of the purchase price will be made, provided the difficulty is in the product being offered.

By purchasing or using any product, technique or item herewithin, you are entering into an agreement with the above terms that shall be considered legally binding.  You are likewise certifying that you are at least 18 years of age and are competent to make this agreement. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Kim Eisen, Success Mentor, Master of EFT
HHCP, EFTCert-I, PhD, D.D.

It is your obligation and will be assumed you have done so, to read this disclaimer prior to using any of the items within the website or working with Kim Eisen.  While EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it and their own emotional and physical health.  Please consult your health professional with any concerns you may have regarding your use of EFT.
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