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"Kim, you have the rare ability
to read between the lines
and to cut right through to the essence of things.  You do this with kindness and grace, and great humility.  Your thinking processes are first rate, as is your intuition. I thank you for sharing your gift. Kim, you are so good!!!"  

~April L'Heureux,
    San Diego, CA

Would you like to make more money, have fun doing it, feel more confident with your message - Quickly and Easily?

If you know you're ready for a quick start to accelerate your business?  How about a 3-month intensive Quick Start Platinum program?

With Personal One-on-One Coaching with Kim to TAP into your authentic success because . . .

»  I need or want more clients now - not a year from now.
»  I know I own a business but selling myself feels akward or sleazy and I need help fast.
»  I suffer from fear or doubt of marketing my services or products, please help me.
»  I'm stressed and overwhelmed and I don't know what I should do or what
really works
»  I'm afraid to speak in public or fumble my words when speaking to prospects

»  I'm tired of 'trying' to make it work all on my own

You have a gift to share with the world and are great at what you do, yet most of the help out there for you is just programs and lists with no real help on what's really in the way on taking your business to the next level.  Most coaches will tell you what to do and say 'Just do it' and 'You have to work really hard', without addressing the emotional fears, doubts and blocks that may show up along the way so you can transcend your limitations

That just stresses you out more, then you end up doing ineffective actions or procrastinating. If the actions could be congruent with your purpose and you feel good about it, then they're just action steps to a joyful business doing What You Love!

The KEY to the SHORTCUT is finding out what YOU need personally and anything that's in the way or blocking your success, eliminating it and giving you the right tools to succeed. 

There is a Shortcut to Success - Interested?

The Quick Start 3 Month Platinum Program
You'll get the help you need Tap Into Your Authentic Success . . .

  • 2 Hour Acceleration Intensive - to jump start creating your message, your meaning and your marketing plan
  • One-on-One Coaching Calls per month - Private calls directly with Kim to assess your successes, challenges, fears or doubts and plan the next step(s).
  • Unlimited Email Access to Kim - to share highs and ask questions that you just need a quick answer to.
  • 6 - 10 minute 'Burst' Calls - for marketing questions or for an 'Ughhh' 911 emergency - or to brag about your success.
  • Live Events - Your platinum membership allows you VIP access to attend any of Kim's live events within one year
  • All mastermind, teleconferences or Q&A calls - As a platinum member you will be invited and given access to all calls.
  • Special Platinum Client Only Bonuses - Announced throughout the year.

That will skyrocket you business like never before! 

(If you realize the value of this offer, which is priceless, you'll also realize that it can't be offered to everyone.)  

Schedule your FREE chat with Kim in the form on the right

Optional:  Add on a full 1-Day Acceleration Intensive.

Imagine it being easy to . . .

»  Make a lot more money and transform more peoples lives
»  Feel confident and authentic when I'm speaking in front of people
»  Offer my message so others
actually understand it
»  Feeling totally comfortable raising my rates,
and getting it
»  Doing only what really works and having clients lining up for me
»  Loving my business and my life 

How?  The answer is simple.
  You'll want to . . .

»  Learn what really works and what doesn't 
»  Create a Message with Meaning so you can make money
»  Move forward easily by eliminating any fear, doubt or limiting beliefs in your way
»  Take effective action to creating your success
  Enjoy the feeling of being successful

What's the Next Step?   Fill out the form on the right

'The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not  going to stay where you are' 
~ J. Pierpont Morgan

If you want immediate assistance call Kim's office at 612.802.4325 to set up a time to chat or fill out the form on the right now. Especially if you're struggling or want to move to the next level and you know what you're doing isn't working for you. 

Why is Kim different from other success business coaches?

Kim has been in the coaching and healing business since 1999 and has been self-employed all of her adult life regularly making over 6 figures while working 3 day weeks and has a background in sales and self-marketing.

With Kim's business coaching and Life Guidance Coaching™ she has spent over $100,000 on learning the techniques and tools that work (and those that don't work) in business and in life.  Using the best mindset tools, the Law of Attraction, and meridian tapping techniques like EFT, she can help you to remove fears and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your success.  

That's why this is the 'Shortcut to Success' because most coaches don't have the background or tools to really take their clients to the next level.  After working with her, you will not only know what to do, but also how to easily take action and what to do when you get blocked - so you can achieve and have the life and business you really want.

If there is a calling in your heart and you want to share it with the world in a big way, let's get started

 I love Kim's common sense approach and honest feedback. 
She got me on the right track.

~ Verena Vomastic, Manitou Springs, CO

Kim does fantastic work
at getting to the point. She helps expressing the real meaning of what one wants to say in a simple straight forward way - directly to the heart of the ideal client.  I'm translating her words into my mother tongue, but it's not just the words, it's the idea of the message. She makes it even stronger and fills it with more life and enthusiasm.

Kim's guidance totally helped me see the transformational aspect of my work and see it with the eyes of my customer. It helped me understand what I really provide and how a client can step into it.

It has provided me with more energy, fun and pleasure for my work, and, define my work in a new way.  More open to ideal clients.

~ Andrea Julichs, Business Communications, Germany

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