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How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a Success Mentor? 

 Kim Eisen - Success Mentor - Master of EFT

To answer this, it’s best that I share with you some huge ‘aha’s’ that were the catalyst for where I am today, coaching people like you on how to be successful in life and in business. Really I don't see much separation between the two. 
Back in the 90's I started to become aware that there was more to me, to life, to feeling more complete.

I had the long list of life's disappointments, just like most, yet I didn't realize how much they were holding back my abundance is 'all' areas of my life.  It didn't mean I didn't have it in some areas, but others were lacking for sure.  That started me on a 20 year journey to learning everything I could about our emotions, the human mind and the Law of Attraction.  I knew something had to change as I was living in quiet desperation. So I read everything I could get my hands on, researched, and spent over $100,000 receiving training in a multitude of energy modalities.

What I'm talking about when I say 'abundance' is joy, peace and happiness in all areas whether you are facing north, south, east or west - you're still the same person.  It doesn't mean that we're still not human and have all the varying emotions, like getting angry or stuck, it's just getting to place where it doesn't throw you off your game for too long.  People don't usually contact me for joy, peace and happiness (even though ultimately that's what the soul is reaching for) - they contact me about the things that they believe will give them that.  They want to release their blocks or issues like feeling stuck, fear, feeling low, not enough money, energy, anger, regrets, unworthiness, small or large past traumas, health issues, past or current challenging relationships.  You get the point.

My mission is to help heart-spirited™ souls realize that they don't have to live with the past or current disappointments or health issues in the same way they have been and teach them how to release all those old patterns and blocks.  This helps in every area in their life, that's why I stated that I didn't see much separation in 'what' the person was trying to accomplish.  To me it is all 'emotional energy' and that's why I created a variety of Shortcut to Success programs to help individuals and entrepreneurs.   I absolutely LOVE what I do and the results we get.  


"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are."
~ J. Pierpont Morgan    

If you want to learn more, keeping reading - (not necessary)

LIFE & BUSINESS (they both include people, money, relationships, etc)

Getting back to my ‘aha’s. So, there I was, fairly happy and very successful and ‘bam’ . . . the bottom fell out of my life. In 1992, my father passed away and I wasn’t prepared for that by any stretch of the imagination. Little did I know it would change my life forever. It was the turning point (and the Gift) in my life, when I started asking ‘What is all this for?’ and ‘Why am I here?’. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore. That was, what my angels later called, the beginning of my ‘Spiritual Expression™’. I went on a mission of self-help and seeking an answer to . . . ‘what and who am I and why?’ The journey was exciting and yet totally challenged the paradigms I had about myself and life.

Things got even more interesting in 1999 when I was shopping at a small boutique shop and a stranger came up to me, grabbed my hands and said ‘You are a healer and you need to start now. Your dad is so excited about what you are going to do’. I immediately pulled my hands away and no idea what he was talking about, thinking he was just a strange man. He gave me his card and I quickly left in tears. After several days, out of curiosity, I did end up calling him and met with him and the experience was beyond words. From that day on I began healing people by opening a business called 'Spirit Healing Power, and, like many of you who are so gifted in whatever you do, seem to gravitate towards continual learning to better ourselves, I became certified in a multitude of energy modalities, spiritual counseling, energy psychology and continued self-growth.

I was in love with energy psychology and how fast it could heal people emotionally and help them get through the past along with eliminating their fears, doubts and blocks in their life and business. I became a trainer and master in the art of EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques.  Yet, I was enticed by the drug called ‘Hopium’. Hanging out a shingle and putting up a website and then ‘hoping’ clients would come. It was a struggle to attract enough clients doing what I really loved, because I didn’t understand how to explain what I did and I was already making a good living in my other career. In addition, when I did get someone who called, I didn’t know how to sell my own services and the value I had to offer, even though I was hugely successful in sales. Selling yourself is a whole new ballgame that most heart-spirited entrepreneurs aren’t prepared for, yet now I know and teach how it can be done authentically and without the feeling of being sleazy or salesy.

In 2002, I was introduced to the ‘Law of Attraction’ and loved playing with it and realized I had done fairly well with that without even knowing about it. But, few years later, happy and successful and ‘bam’ . . . again, the bottom fell out of my life again. Against my intuition, I entered a partnership that ended up in total emotional and financial devastation. It was like I had forgotten everything I learned. I had to start over again from scratch. I had a constant anxiety not knowing how, day-to-day, I was going to make my house payment or even pay for the bare necessities. Embarrassed and full of shame and regret that I should have listened to my intuition and known better, ESPECIALLY ME.  I worked diligently on forgiving myself and everyone involved.

If you're not an entrepreneur - you can stop here

I've been self-employed all of my adult life and at 33 found out that I enjoyed what I did, but working 24/7 wasn't fun. I was exhausted and wanted more ‘fun’ time with my family and friends. So, I decided to do what no one in my industry was doing . . . set a goal of only working 3 days a week. In fact, I was told by some colleagues that I could never make a decent living only working three days a week. Yet, I didn't listen (it must have been the rebel in me saying ‘watch me’). As soon as I started acting on it, my income tripled and I went on to make over $100,000. 

(Interesting fact:  When speaking to a prospective coach I told them I wanted to teach entrepreneurs how to make over $100,000 while only working 3 days a week. They said I couldn't say that because nobody would believe me. I was shocked. I had done it and I knew how, why couldn't I teach others? Here’s a great FYI – Nod your head respectfully to those who aren't doing it and then go do it anyway!  In saying that, what each person wants to make doing what they love is unique to them and very personal but they will find they can make more than they currently are very easily.)

I was determined that it would never happen to me again. I knew I needed help and support and I took a leap of faith and had to swallow my pride and did the one thing I had never done in my life. I asked some friends to borrow me the money to get coaching (my sincerest appreciation and gratitude to them, thank you, thank you, thank you).

While getting coaching that’s when a ‘light bulb’ tuned brightly on. YES! - Why not put all my successful business, sales and marketing acumen and experience and marry it with the energy psychology to help entrepreneurs become successful quicker – thereby showing them a Shortcut to Success™. I had all the knowledge and tools,
I just couldn’t see what was right under my nose. Plus, I had a secret. I knew most of people's challenges where 'emotional' - my favorite thing to work with!  Over the next month, I changed my website, my message (and practiced it over and over again), my offer, my sales conversations. Within a day of ‘coming out’ with my newly focused business, I had a top paying ideal client, two by the end of the week. Within five months I had my first multiple 5 figure MONTH. How cool is that? I get to do EVERYTHING I love and am really good at, while helping others.

Soon, my clients were having their own huge ‘aha’s’ and successfully attracting more clients while raising their rates (and the value to their clients) so they got the money they deserved. But, it would never have happened as fast without helping them get rid of their fears, doubts and blocks along the way (this IS the shortcut and 90% of anyone’s success).

This is my vision for businesses (really Life). I want to help millions of struggling, starting and up-leveling heart-spirited™ service based professionals eliminate what’s in the way and get the right know how to authentically attract more clients, make more money, work less and have more fun a lot faster than if they did it by themselves.

Who do you work with exactly?

I mentor and coach solo or small business service based professionals just like you who are really good at what they do, but struggle with how to market themselves effectively, get more clients or sell their own services in an authentic way that clients can say ‘Yes’ to easily. By the way, it’s not your fault. Most of us weren’t taught how to design and be a successful heart-based entrepreneur only working a few days a week.  We were taught how to be 'employees'.  So, if you want to be an 'owner' of a successful business, then you'll want to change some things in order to do that more easily.  There are so many categories of service professionals that my programs can help, but all you have to ask yourself is . . . ‘Do I serve people with my services or products using my gifts and I want to help more people, have more fun doing it and get paid well, while feeling really good about what I do? If you answer yes to this question, then it is most likely you will benefit from my programs because I teach from an authentic perspective so you can stand out from the crowd and shine.

Here’s a list to get an idea, but it is in no way all inclusive.

  • Coaches  (Life, Business, Health, etc)
  • Counselors  (Career, Spiritual, Emotional, etc.)
  • Consultants  (Sales, Corporate, Small Business, Finance, Career, Marketing, etc.)
  • Energy Practitioners  (Reiki, EFT, TFT, EIP, BodyTalk, Human or Animal, etc.)
  • Healers
  • Health & Personal Trainers
  • Holistic Practitioners & Therapists  (Nutrition, Massage, Reflexologists, Estheticians, etc)
  • Intuitives
  • Medical Service Providers  (Doctors, Dentists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, etc)
  • Service Based Professionals  (Event Planners, Photographers, Attorneys, Organizers, Image, Stylists, Pet Sitters, etc.)
  • Business to Business Professionals  (Copywriters, Web Designers, Virtual Assistants, Sales Trainers, etc)

How are you different from other ‘business coaches’?

There are, of course, some things that we’ll touch on that other coaches may, but you will have me as your ‘Shortcut to Success Expert’ with a drastically different approach. I only teach you what you need to know and only work with heart based solo practitioners and small businesses. What that means to you, is that we weed out the fluff and get right to what really matters to attract clients consistently while helping you get out of your own way. My desire is to coach you to launching your business in an impactful way as soon as possible. I provide compassionate, loving, expert support, along with encouragement and tools along the way. (You’ll also get some humor and direct honesty because I know that’s what helps get my clients the results they deserve).

What really separates my services from other business coaches is my worldwide recognition and mastery in the art of EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, which helps my clients skyrocket their results because we tap and eliminate fears, doubts and blocks along the way (we all have them and they WILL show up) while they are growing their business. It may come as a surprise, but even the most successful people struggle with these, so you are not alone, because we are all human and have the same variety of emotions. Yet, the best part is that they can be reduced or eliminated quickly and easily so you can keep moving forward towards your desire. And since I already know that this is going to happen because when growing your business you’re going to hit a wall or go into a panic wormhole and all you need is a quick talk or a little tapping. That’s why I’ve included in all my private one-on-one coaching programs several ‘911’ Burst calls – Extra 10 minute calls to tap over a hump in the road or get through a
challenge quickly.

 Love What You Do                           
I’m also really big on that my clients do what they love
. That’s my motto. Sometimes clients don’t like the business part, but they find out that when they know ‘what’ and ‘how’ to do it and the money starts coming in, it’s so much easier, more fun and they love it! It was just that they didn’t know what to do before or what was getting in the way that made it seem so challenging. It’s not unusual that a client will come to improve a business that they currently have and we find they have other gifts that they didn’t even think of to throw in the pot, so to speak, and create more value for their clients and it helps them make even more money and love what they do even more.

Who do you choose to work with and what is expected of me?

My Shortcut to Success business programs and workshops were designed for people who are really ready and excited to grow their business, get rid of what’s been stopping them and stop wondering ‘how’ to do it. I understand along with the excitement there can be some fears or doubts and that’s perfectly normal. Almost everyone has them. That’s why I created step-by-step programs, giving you the tools you need, along with tapping away the fears and doubts, so you can get faster results (typically within months rather than the 4 or more years that it typically takes) than you could on your own and we eliminate what might get in your way, along the way.

In saying that, I work best with people who realize that the first step to getting somewhere is to decide that they are not going to stay where they are. Many just come saying ‘I need help now!’. My ideal client is so ready and acknowledges that they ‘don’t know what they don’t know’ yet, and embraces a new way of looking at things while getting the support they need. These learning steps are action oriented and my clients are expected to embrace, listen, learn, complete the assignments and do the action steps so they can achieve their desire as quickly as possible. The results are incredible and amazing as they start to love their business in a whole new way.

Who WON’T this program work for?

To be fair, I have to kindly select whom I work with so it’s a win-win for both of us. The Shortcut to Success programs are NOT for those who have no intention of being committed to doing the work and implementing my simple Shortcut to Success System™ in the short run, so they can have the life that they want in the long run. I want the best results possible for my clients.

Also, we can help you attract more clients faster to bring in money, yet how fast will depend where you are right now in your business. But if you do not have any income in order to support yourself or your business, then take care of yourself first (
so you are not worrying about how to pay next month’s bills). If this is you, that’s totally OK, we’ve all been through challenging times or financial crisis in our lives (I know I’ve been there too). Here’s what you can do . . .

  1. Get some full or part-time money coming in and then call me (don’t think of it as a ‘job’ but as a business loan to yourself for the business you want to create). This will help you pay your bills and take some of the worry and anxiety out of the picture so you can focus on growing your business and what you need to do.
  2. Look at your business right now. What can you do to get more money coming in right now? Call old clients to check in on them, see if they are struggling with anything, and ‘ask’ if you may be of service again. Get creative - where can you go right now where you could find your type of clients and talk to them. Sometimes just doing this will get the wheel going again. Grab the lowest hanging fruit in your business. Then call me.
  3. Make sure you get any of my no cost Shortcut to Success tips, teleseminars and tools by signing for any free information on this site. The free information will give you a LOT to think about and will get you started towards your desires until you are ready to work with me one-on-one.
  4. Get or borrow the money you need to invest in you and your business. Some of the loveliest creative people I meet are not as creative in finding money, so as a freebie for you, I want to give you the gift of how to find money to fund your dream of a business you love. This will give you ideas you may have not thought of. Just go here to get it!

Do any, or all, of these four things and it will really help you and get you ready for us working together. When you’re ready, let me know and we’ll get you started. (Don’t worry, I’ll be here when you need me).

Another type of person that I choose not to work with is a whiner or nay-sayer. It just isn’t fair to either one of us because that type of person wouldn’t get what they needed and most likely won’t do the work. Also, individuals that have an incessant need to challenge everything, think they know everything already (yet haven’t embraced what they do know) or make consistent excuses for not getting their assignments done. I’m sharing my heart and my soul with my clients and I want to give those who are ready that opportunity and time while being at my best. Sound fair?

What exactly is the Shortcut to Success business program and what does it include?

Developing and designing a business that you love while authentically attracting a constant stream of new clients that love you, begins with understanding how unique you really are, what you attractively offer, what your clients really want (not what they need), what their challenges and desires are, what will make them want and pay for your services and you being committed to implementing the steps.

Each person is at a different place in their business, some are just starting or are in transition, some have had their business for a few years but it may have been a side career or their business feels stagnant and they don’t know what to do about it. Some are refocusing or redesigning it and some want to up-level an already successful business to the next level. No matter where you are, we focus on all the required ingredients to get their business to where they want it. I found too many entrepreneurs getting training in only one thing here and one thing there, but if they don’t have the whole picture, they’ll usually stagnate because they don’t have all the basics as to what, where, why and how things should or shouldn’t be done and a plan of action. (Even if you have a business already and are successful, I find that as we re-visit the basics again from a new perspective it contributes to elevating your success). Then, we can laser focus on what they need the most. There are also lots of very valuable Bonus materials and reports included in the system that’ll help skyrocket results. Each part of the system builds on itself and is in there for a very specific reason.

Here is the 7 step Shortcut to Success System™.

1. Do What You Love – We deep dive into who you are, what your genius and unique talents are, what you love about what you do, what you don’t love about it and how all that fits into your unique and specific business, purpose and gifts.

2. The Very Footings to the Structure of the Business You Love – This is where the real adventure begins for the heart-spirited™ entrepreneur. Everyone talks about the foundation and structure of your business (like message, marketing,Footing of a Successful Business   sales conversations, etc.) but no one I know of addresses the very essence of your business in the way that I do that discovers what lies in your current beliefs system using my 5 Secrets to Authentically Make Money Doing What You Love module. These are the footings that will hold up and stabilize everything else in your business and are reinforced even more as you move along in the program. It is a well known fact, that 90% of your success will depend on what you believe to be true. What are your paradigms, non-beneficial beliefs, thoughts, rules and mindset about yourself and the world? In this section, we DON’T just ‘talk’ about what your beliefs are and ‘how’ you should think or what mindset you ‘should’ have. We laser target what’s in the way that could cause self-sabotage. Finding out what might stop you or get in your way of success and eliminating it so you can move forward more quickly and
successfully, is so important as you grow.

3. Your Ideal Client – Together, taking what we’ve learned from step 1, we find out exactly who your ideal client is, what their challenges and desires are, and why you and the solution you offer are the ONLY one for them that they want to choose and pay you for.

4. Your Clear and Impactful Message – In this section, taking what we’ve learned from step 3, we dive even deeper to ‘why’ you need a message, what are your clients motivators and how to construct your perfect attractive message and 'compelling' personal story of why you understand your ideal clients. In part 2 of this section we’ll create what I call and have trademarked as the ‘Attract-o-mercial™’. Some call this your elevator speech, but this message, or better said, authentic commercial, is designed in a way that easily attracts clients to you. No more push marketing.

5. Success MissionTaking what we’ve learned from step 4, we create your unique stance and personal mission for your business. This is different than a mission statement for your business or your ‘Attract-o-mercial™. This is where you stand out and give voice to ‘why’ you do what you do and will set you apart from the rest. Using this information, we’ll also construct your powerful ‘title’ and ‘tagline’ that shows your clients you mean business in helping them. You become the ‘expert’ in your field, therefore people will pay you more as the perceived authority.

6. Transcend Marketing – Transcend your old paradigm about marketing. Taking everything we learned from the previous steps together with what you already know we create your irresistible free ‘have to have’ offer for marketing and building your list of followers along with your Transcend Offers and Packages that clients will want, love and pay you for. We also go into your current belief systems about marketing so you can feel confident with what you offer your clients so you can OWN your value. There are online and offline marketing strategies you get to choose from that will work best for you and the lifestyle and business you design. What to do, when to do it, where to go (yes, you will have to get out from behind your desk) and how to make the biggest impact, inexpensively, to get your ideal clients. How to network effectively to create relationships and paying clients. Clarifying your website and copy, opt-ins, choosing the perfect attractor domain for your business, launching your business with an educational get to know, like and trust me campaign, and implement systems so you can automate as much as possible to make it easier on you. All this allows you to work smarter and not harder.

7. Transcend Sales
Conversations - Without sales, there is no business. Most people haven’t been taught how to sell ‘their own’ services and products and it can feel awkward if you don’t know how to do it authentically. Taking the information you’ve learned in the previous steps will be immensely valuable in adding to your confidence while having the sales conversation. That’s why I created the ‘Transcend Sales Conversations’ model that allows it to be easy, natural and soft. It’s a step-by-step model (not script) that allows you to focus on the client needs, hold that space for their highest self, and easily allows them to say ‘YES’ to you (and themselves).

These are the 7 steps to the Shortcut to Success System™ that I created after finding out what didn’t work over the last 13 years so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I made.

In addition, I also have an online Business Success Blueprint that guides you step-by-step on the tactical items required in a successful business that you can fill out as it is completed or implemented. You’re covered! What type of business do YOU want to design? You get to choose.

Does it really work?  

YES!  With working together to design your perfect business, marketing strategies, tapping away fears, doubts and self-sabotage, and with your commitment and dedication you can, over a shorter amount of time than without support, quantum leap and attract clients consistently to have the lifestyle you desire. You can expect to save time in the long run by doing what most people won’t do, in order to have the life most people can’t.

Can I contact some of your clients to see what working with you is like?
Yes, just let me know and we’ll send you their private names and phone numbers.

How quickly will I see results? 

Of course, this depends on long you’ve been in your business and how much you put into the lessons and assignments and how many limiting beliefs you might need to release that may block your success. My goal is to help you attract top paying ideal clients as soon as possible. I found that each person is very unique and the pace they set up for themselves is a personal decision. It’s imperative that no matter what pace you set for yourself, that you don’t stop. The faster you go, the quicker the results. It’s not unusual, that someone will be doing the work and when it comes time to take the next big step, unconscious fears and self-sabotage will show up. That’s why I'm here and it is of utmost importance to continue getting coaching and find out what’s behind it, eliminate it and keep going on to do what you were meant to do. Your clients are waiting for you! One thing I have hanging on the wall by my desk is something my angels shared with me is - ‘Your purpose is bigger than your faults’. Don’t worry about
being perfect, it’s about taking imperfect actions while you are ‘being’ your purpose.

That said, almost all clients start feeling more confident and seeing results in themselves and their business within a few months.

You have a 3 month Shortcut to Success ‘Quick Start’ program, are there really shortcuts?

Yes, there are. Many coaches say there is no ‘shortcut’ yet I have to disagree. Not that there aren’t strategies and steps to growing a business you love, but here’s where I believe my program differs and provide shortcuts. 1) 90% of success is within the mind and I am a master of helping people eliminate the fears, doubts and blocks quickly that will always show up when someone is trying to become more of who they are, so that important personal support provides a quantum shortcut for my clients. 2) Having a step-by-step program that builds on itself is a shortcut that helps my clients easily see what they need to do and when as they go through the program, learning to do one thing at a time so more gets done, which helps the overwhelm that is so common for solo professionals. 3) As we design and build the business model uniquely designed for each private client. having my personal support will shortcut the years it would have taken them on their own.

Shortcut to SuccessI created the 3 month program for those that want to take quick action, yet how far they get will depend on where they are starting and how much they complete. Many clients are prepared to launch their business to a new level in that time, yet everyone benefits having continued coaching, because it usually takes 6 to 12 months to have the business fully realized, so they can just continue on with me for as long as they need the support and want to continue building the business. What I love about a heart-spirited™ entrepreneur is that as we grow, we continue to improve, tweak and change how we do business and what we offer in a way that serves us and our clients. There are no limits and immense freedom in being able to choose.

Will I get the investment back that I put into this program?

Yes, absolutely, if you do the work. That is why, in the program, I show you how to design your services in a way that brings in the most dollars for the valuable services or products you offer. Yet, here’s the biggie. You will get huge ‘light bulb’ moments, especially in areas where ‘you didn’t know that you didn’t know’ something, that will forever change you and help you move faster in your business. Many clients recoup their investment within 3 months, some with only adding 1 new client, and their income only keeps going up from there. Personally my desire for you is to 10 times your current income in the next 2 to 3 years. Lifetime, this investment is ‘priceless’. What
you learn will serve you forever. What I love about what I teach is that no one can take away from you what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown. Even if you change the focus of your business later on, just apply what you’ve learned to the new business. It’s that simple.

Kim, from what I’ve learned about you, I know you’re the one I want to work with and learn from. What are my options for getting started with you?

Congratulations on making a decision for your success and I honor you for that. Everything starts with a decision and the courage to know that’ll you’ll benefit from help. Especially if you’re not exactly where you want to be in your business. I’d be happy to work with you so you can manifest and achieve the success you were meant for by using your gifts.

To get started on your Shortcut to Success so you attract more money, clients and fun doing what you love, here are some different ways to work with me.

  1. The most popular is my private one-on-one coaching where you’ll get the fastest results with support while implementing what you’re learning is my awesome step-by-step Shortcut to Success Platinum 3-Month Quick Start program starting with a 2-Hour ‘Business Acceleration’ call and personal support and direct access to me personally 2 times per month via private 60 minute calls to go over your successes, challenges, role playing and strategize your next steps. Unlimited personal email access to me for a succinct question or to brag about a success, along with review of your assignments, field work results, and marketing materials. And, you get ‘911’ Burst calls – 10 minutes for quick questions or tap away a bump in the road.
  2. For maintenance or special circumstances (only recommended for entreps that have their business off the ground and are successfully and consistently bringing in clients to keep the momentum going to increase business or leverage their time) is the Shortcut to Success Gold 6- Month program with personal support and direct access to me personally one time per month via a private 60 minute coaching call to go over your successes, challenges, and strategize your next steps. Email access to me for succinct questions, along with review of your assignments, field work results, and marketing materials. And, you get ‘911’ Burst calls.
  3. For someone who wants to hit the ground running, you may apply for a Shortcut to Success VIP Private Consulting Day (just you and me). If accepted, we’ll spend the whole day strategizing ways to build your business and run it efficiently, so you can take the information and start implementing right away. I do a lot of the work for you as we work together to help you transcend where you are to where you want to go. If this interest you and you want to send in an application for my review and get more information (Obviously I can’t select everyone but I will review all applications and choose those most suited for it), just email application@ShortcutToSuccess.com for an application.
  4. Check the website for upcoming group masterminds, seminars, teleseminars and live events, like 'Tap into Confidence and Cash' or 'Say It to Sell!', where we work on abundance mindset and design client attracting programs and packages in a more intimate group. I only do a few a year, so if you are on my email list you will get advanced notice as well as my ezine with quick tips on business, clearing self-sabotage and limiting beliefs and abundance mindset techniques.

OK, I want to work with you. How do we get started?

Awesome and Congratulations! Great people make great decisions and take action and move forward like no one elseCongratulations can towards their success. In saying that, I know successful people have an intuition about these things. They make the decision in their heart and justify it in their mind after. It’s not unusual to feel excited and in-tune that this is for you and also have some anxiety about it, that’s natural and human nature. It’s usually that your soul is so excited about what you are going to do, yet the mind is afraid (don’t worry, we’ll address this throughout the program when it shows up). So, if it feels right, then go for it.

Here’s what to do nextJust fill out this form and you will get a call from us to schedule your ‘Accelerate My Business’ chat where we’ll get acquainted, talk a little about your business and what you need, and answer any additional questions. I’ll let you know what will be the very best option for you, then you can let me know where you’d like to go from there by making a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision. We celebrate any decision. I’ve found it’s not our decisions that hold us back, but our ‘lack’ of making one that does. Then you and the universe are clear on where you want to go.

What if I’m not sure?

Again, check in with your heart and intuition to see if this feels right for you, sign up for a chat, or follow my ezine until you are ready to make a decision. In any case, I’m assuming you wouldn’t be here unless you really wanted and needed some direction and support. Whether it’s me or someone else, do yourself a favor and get a coach and mentor as soon as possible. Growing a business is like a graduate class in self-growth and you WILL experience times of doubt, so make sure your coach is experienced in getting you through the mindset challenges effectively and quickly (remember, that’s 90% of your success and just happens to be one of my specialties). I truly want you to be successful, confident and loving your business as quickly as possible. Even the most successful people are never without mentors and coaches because they know they can’t do it on their own and you shouldn’t have to either.

O.K., I’m ready to do this, I deserve it, and now I know it, but I just have a quick question.

No problem – It sounds like you’re excited to move into a bigger version of yourself and your business. Yes, if you have a couple of questions, just email us or call 1-888-451-4325 and we’d be happy to answer those for you. I’m excited for you too. Truly, this is what makes my eyes shine and my face beam helping people just like you overcoming any doubts while guiding them on what to do to become successful. Believe in yourself because I DO believe in you. Let’s rock!

To Your Success – In All Ways,



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